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Employment Law Attorneys

Tallahassee Employment Defense Lawyers

Discrimination – race, gender, sexual orientation, pregnancy, age, disability, marital status, religion and national origin.

Discrimination comes in many forms. The majority of cases are based on race, sex, gender or nationality, but individuals are often treated unfairly because of disability, pregnancy, age, religious affiliation, political affiliation and sexual orientation as well.

Employers may exhibit discriminatory behavior in several ways:

  • Creating barriers to employment
  • Unequal use of discipline or demotions
  • Denial of training or access to important work information
  • Failure to promote or provide opportunities for growth
  • Unequal pay
  • Wrongful termination and job loss
  • Harassment

Personal Injury

• Automobile Accidents
• Trucking Accidents
• Boating Accidents
• Motorcycle Accidents
• Negligent Security
• Assaults on Premises
• Traumatic Brain Injuries
• Spinal Cord Injuries
• Abuse of Elderly
• Child Abuse
• Dog Bite Attacks
• Physical Assaults
• Sexual Assaults
• Slip and Fall
• Unsafe Public Premises
• Defective Products
• Dangerous Products
• Wrongful Death
• Construction Site Injuries
• Daycare Negligence
• Childcare Negligence
• Teacher Negligence
• Hazing Injuries
• Injuries at School
• Car Accidents
• Social Security Disability

Employment Law

Discrimination • Sexual harassment • Whistle-blower retaliation • Employment Contract Disputes • Wage and hour (overtime) disputes • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) • Workers' compensation retaliation • Unemployment Compensation • Hostile Work Environment • Non-compete Agreements • Government/Public Sector Employees • State Employees • Federal Employees • Federal EEO Claims