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Eric Abrahamsen

Tallahassee Attorney Eric Abrahamsen is a cum laude graduate of the Florida State College of Law. He immediately went to work for the State Attorney’s Office in Leon County Florida. He started in the Misdemeanor/Traffic division, but was eventually promoted to be a felony prosecutor, and ultimately a supervisor of the county court division. Eric spent over 4 years at the State Attorney’s Office and had numerous jury trials including multiple mandatory life offenses, sexual offenses, armed robbery, kidnapping, arson, and driving under the influence (DUI) offenses.

Attorney Eric Abrahamsen has also taught numerous courses for law enforcement officers and other prosecutors at the Florida Public Safety Institute, including classes on jury selection, opening statement, DUI investigations, and witness testimony.

In addition, Attorney Eric Abrahamsen was the keynote speaker at the statewide DUI Manslaughter conference in 2010. He has given presentations on report writing to the Florida A&M police department and on officer testimony for the Leon County Sheriff’s Office Explorers program.

Attorney Eric Abrahamsen coaches the mock trial team at the Florida State College of Law and will be an adjunct professor in the Spring of 2012 teaching Florida Criminal Procedure.

Attorney Eric Abrahamsen in the News
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