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 Federal EEO Claims

Federal employees are subject to extremely short timeframes for bringing claims of discrimination based on race, age, sex, disability, national origin, or religion. Such claims must be initiated through an informal EEO complaint within 45 days.

After an informal complaint is filed and reviewed, a formal complaint must be brought within a specific time period. Failure to observe these time periods will result in a loss of any rights a federal employee may have to pursue a claim of discrimination.

After a formal complaint is filed, it is very important for the employee or his or her attorney to specify the exact issue to be investigated. Federal employee EEO claims are subject to a much more extensive investigative process than are claims by private employees and it is generally helpful to have a full and complete review of the witnesses and issues involved in the complaint.

If the employee fails to designate the appropriate issue for investigation, the employee will be prevented from pursuing any other issues in the future.

Once an investigation is completed or a specified period of time has elapsed, the employee may request a hearing before an administrative law judge or may pursue a claim in federal court.

Our office has provided thorough representation on behalf of federal employees in the investigative process and also in hearings before administrative law judges. We have also represented federal employees in court, and have successfully litigated discrimination claims before federal court juries.

If you, or someone you know, has been the victim of discrimination or other employee rights violations, please contact our office immediately to schedule a free consultation. These types of cases have strict deadlines, do not wait to call.

Our firm handles cases from Pensacola to Jacksonville, including Panama City and Gainesville. We are licensed to practice in all state courts and in the Northern, Middle, and Southern District Courts of Florida. Cases south of Gainesville will be considered on a case by case basis.

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